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Compliments and Concerns

At Ryefield Primary School we aim to establish and promote a close relationship with parents and the community. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in all aspects of our work, so when parents, students and visitors offer praise - or criticism - we listen carefully. We review all the comments you make and we use that information to improve our services even further.  Whatever you want to say, your opinions and comments are important to us - good or bad.

We aim to always:

Pass on any praise to the people concerned

Handle complaints in complete confidence

Investigate impartially

Offer a clear and complete explanation

What do we do to avoid concerns arising?

Concerns often arise because of misunderstandings or lack of information. To avoid these we work closely with parents to keep them informed of all aspects of school life.

We have:

Weekly newsletters

A school-home text service

A detailed website www.ryefieldprimary.org.uk

A home-school agreement

1/2 termly curriculum overviews

Three open evenings a year

Regular parent workshops

Communication between home and school via the reading record book

A full report of progress for parents about their child at the end of the summer term

An Information Booklet about the school

Visitors to the school with an appointment should be seen within 10 minutes of the appointment time. Visitors to the school without an appointment will be offered an appointment at a mutually convenient time.

If you want to pass on congratulations or praise

Please contact Mrs Hill in reception to pass on positive comments about our pupils, staff or our service. We are always keen to be told what we are doing well, or just tell a teacher directly.

If you have a concern

If you are unhappy with anything we do, or have any concerns, we want to know about it as soon as possible.

Mrs Hill will help you to raise the issue with the appropriate member of staff as complaints are best resolved informally with those responsible.

Mrs Hill at reception is available from 8.30- 4.00, either in person or by phone. Mrs Hill can be emailed via:


Please speak to, or email her initially to establish next steps. It may be that your concern can be dealt with by our site staff, or you may need to have a phone call or meet with your child's teacher.

If you tell us as soon as the problem arises, it can often be sorted out straightaway. In many cases, a conversation with your child's class teacher or year leader will resolve the matter quickly.

However if you are not satisfied with how your complaint or concern has been dealt with, you should put it in writing and send it to the school.

Letters and emails should receive a reply within 3 working days. Requests for information should be sent within 3 working days but if this is not possible you will be informed when you can expect the information requested.

The headteacher is responsible for the running of the school and is in the best position to receive comments about the school or to investigate any complaint thoroughly and promptly.

Once it has been received in writing it becomes a formal complaint and will be logged. We will then investigate the situation so that we can explain our actions or, apologise and take positive action if necessary. We take all comments and  complaints seriously.

Your complaint or concern will be acknowledged within three working days and you will be informed of the name of the person who is dealing with it. We will then reply in full as promptly as we can - usually within 20 working days. If the investigation is still ongoing after 20 days we will write to explain the delay. In very complex cases, which may take more time, we will send you regular progress reports.

We may suggest meeting you to talk through your issues and attempt to resolve them.  If you are not happy with our response, you can take your complaint to the Chair of Governors c/o of the School.

The Chair of Governors, on behalf of or with the Governing Body, will act as an Appeal Committee for complaints. Having investigated the concern or complaint the Chair will respond within 25 days of receiving notification that you are unhappy with the way the school has responded to a complaint.

Our Contact details are as follows:

Mr C Tucker, Headteacher

Ms Pam Nash, Chair of Governors

c/o of Ryefield Primary, Ryefield Avenue, Middx UB10 9DE

Tel: 01895 547036



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