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Dancing Dogs at Ryefield Court Residential Home

A small group of pupils were invited to join the residents of Ryefield Court and be an audience to a troupe of dancing dogs - which isn’t something you get to see everyday!  Accompanied by Mrs Strong and Mrs Avery, the children witnessed canine capers and doggy delights.  

Harvest Festival 2016

It was great to see Ryefield Primary School continuing to make links with the wider community.  A few years have passed since our children celebrated significant events at All Saints Church.  On Tuesday, Year 5 performed a super Harvest Festival Service, for some children it was the first time they had ever been in a church!  Yet both Year 5 and Year 4 were unfazed by the experience and impeccable in their behaviour.  


We learnt the important lesson of being thankful for all that we have and being aware that others at home, and across the world, may not be so fortunate.  Accompanied by the church organist our pupils regaled us with renditions of ‘We plough the fields’, ‘Cauliflowers fluffy’, ‘Think of a world without any flowers’, and my personal favourite - ‘Autumn Days’.  


The generous collection donated by our pupils will be distributed by the Salvation Army.  After Friday’s repeat performance to the school, Year 2 will distribute the remaining tinned and dry goods to members of our local community.  If you are aware of an elderly resident who lives in the vicinity of the school, and you feel would benefit from a care parcel (or bouquet from our Spring ‘Flower Festival’) please get in touch with either Mrs Dell or the School Office.  

I would like to thank Mrs Dearing, Mrs Mander abd Year 5 for the wonderful memory you have given me of the Harvest Service, I am sure that 2017 will be equally as stellar.  


Nesta Crowd Funding

The school participated in a crowd funding exercise and we were fortunate enough to meet our funding goals.  Thanks to the kind generosity of our donors we recently received a box of 10 mobile devices and associated materials.  These have already been used by children in class to photograph events, such as our World Book Day celebration, and some apps have been most helpful in maths lessons.  From September the school will have expanded our collection to 30 devices, which can be used across the school.  


Many thanks to the following donors:


G Choudhary

M Elliott

G Kharanda

E and T Webb

S Logan

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