Dear Parents and carers,

Over the past week, the Governing Body and school leaders have met virtually on three separate occasions to discuss and review the plans to reopen the school. We believe that both the risk assessments, alongside the strategic and opening plans are robust and provide clear guidance on how the school is addressing the following factors:

The measures that can be implemented in the school to minimise contact and mixing of pupils and staff – such as organising classes in small groups of 15 or less, maintaining space between seats and desks where possible, using the timetable and selection of classroom or other learning environment to reduce movement around the school or building (staggering the school day), parents’ drop-off and pick-up protocols, and avoiding staff working with more than one group of pupils wherever possible.

The procedures that the school is able to put in place to ensure good hygiene practices – such as sufficient hand-washing facilities, availability of hand sanitisers provided in classrooms and other learning environments, clearly communicated hygiene protocols and the support for children and staff to implement them.

The procedures that the school is able to put in place to ensure adequate and regular cleaning – how they comply with COVID-19: cleaning of non-healthcare settings guidance, surfaces being cleaned more regularly than normal and communication with contractors and suppliers that will need to prepare to support the school’s plan to increase the number of pupils.

The measures that the school is able to take that minimise the risk of contact with anyone with COVID-19 symptoms – such as communicating with children, parents, carers and any visitors, such as suppliers, not to enter the school if they are displaying any symptoms and ensuring that transport providers do not work if they or a member of their household are displaying any symptoms of coronavirus.

Additional measures put in place – to protect staff and pupils, including those with underlying health issues, staff who are within at risk categories, and those who are shielding.

We look forward to welcoming pupils back from the 8th June.

The phased reintroduction is as follows:
08 June: Year 1 and Year 6 return
15 June: Reception pupils return
18 June: Nursery reopens

The opening and finishing times are as follows:

Key Worker and Vulnerable Pupil Provision: 08:30-15:20

Nursery and Reception Pupils: 08:40-15:00

Year 1 Pupils: 08:50-15:10

Year 6 Pupils: 08:50-15:20

The school will be open to pupils in N, R Y1 and Y6 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. School will be CLOSED on Wednesday. Key workers and vulnerable families will have access to the site for the entire week, including Wednesdays.

Parents arriving via Ryefield Avenue are requested to use the two gates as specified, see picture.

 gate annotated

Year 6 and Key Worker Provision will enter and exit via the Ryefield Court gate, and EYFS and Year 1 will enter and exit via the gate by the school house.

The school is also aware that many children will not be able to return to school due to the fact they are either in Y2,3 4 & 5, or self-isolating due to parental concerns or pre-existing conditions. Ryefield has purchased additional English and Maths workbooks for the children whose classes cannot return to school, alongside a staggered roll-out of enhanced distance learning. This will involve the use of Google Classroom, Wonde, your child's emoji login and much, much more. Training and support materials will follow.

Both the school and the Governing Body would urge you to read the information available on the school website. For those of you returning to school we request that you discuss it with those closest to you, and follow your parental instinct.

C. Tucker

K. Farrell


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Safeguarding and remote education during coronavirus (COVID-19)