Bespoke Science Books

Ryefield Primary School is in the process of undertaking a year’s trial on the use of bespoke science exercise books. These books, which currently range from Year 2 to Year 6, have been specifically designed to meet the needs of a changing curriculum, support subject-specific information and assist teachers in matching content to the needs of the cohort.

The books are organised in the following order:
• a splash page and pre-unit assessment,
• a knowledge organiser,
• national curriculum statements,
• a mind map,
• an image to prompt boxed thinking,
• a post-unit assessment, and
• ‘show what you know boxes’: opportunities for pupils to individually recall information and transfer that learning to other topics and concepts.
• End of Year Assessment (trialled in Y5 and Y6)

Should the trial be viewed as a success, the same approach will be taken with the subject's history and geography.