Friends of Ryefield

Who are the Friends of Ryefield (FOR)?
The Friends of Ryefield are a group of parents that meet regularly to plan and organise fun events for Ryefield children and families. Through this, we aim to raise funds for ‘extras’ for the school. Some of the events that FOR organise include:

Summer Fair
Mother’s Day Shop
Father’s Day Shop
Christmas Shop

Every event that is hosted by FOR and supported by our wonderful parents has a substantial benefit to the education and development of all children at Ryefield Primary School. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

New trustees of the Friends of Ryefield
We would like to express our gratitude to the previous trustees of the FOR for their lengthy and dedicated service. We look forward to an exciting year of fundraising with you to enrich our children’s experience at Ryefield Primary School.

Chair: Ambreen Ahsan

Vice Chair: Caroline Carr

Secretary: Karishma Gohil

Treasurer: Lyn Davidson

Assistant Vice Chancellor: Nikki Bedi

Representative for the School: Mrs B Hughes 

How can you help?
FOR are always looking for new members or helpers. Any help, however small, is appreciated and will immensely benefit our community. From helping on a stall to donating items like cakes, toys and old uniforms, every contribution will be valued and help us benefit the students at Ryefield Primary School. If you have a specialist skill such as sewing, baking or photography, you could utilise this during one of our events and help make it a success.

We also hold regular PTA meetings at which you are welcome to share your ideas, or you can also get hold of any of us in the playground. You can email us at

Amazon Smile
In addition, you can also raise money for FOR without any additional expense to yourself!
If you already shop through Amazon, you could raise money every time you shop. Amazon Smile simply donates a percentage of your purchase price directly to the Friends of Ryefield.
Here’s how to turn on Amazon Smile:
Go to
Enter your Amazon account details
Search for ‘The Friends of Ryefield School’ and select us as your chosen charity
Please also recommend this to your friends and family to help us raise even more for our students!

School Lottery

School Lottery

We also have a weekly lottery organised through the 'Your School Lottery' website. Take part for as little as £1 and help raise funds for our school as well as being in it to win it for yourself. There is also a chance to win £25000 by matching 6 numbers!

We look forward to welcoming all new and current parents to partake in events run by the FOR. Together, we foster an inclusive environment which enhances the experiences of our children at Ryefield Primary School.