Family Support

Please keep checking the Family Support pages for updates of parent/carer activities. Also information on outside training and courses can be found in the carousel in the reception area.

Mrs Avery



Thank you to all the parents that attended the Phonics Breakfast on Wednesday 6th.  We hope the brief talk on Phonics has helped in your understanding of  what is taught here at Ryefield.  We had positive feedback and the children thoroughly enjoyed some quality time with their parents.


What is a Family Support Adviser? 

Mrs Avery is our Family Support Adviser. She is based in the school and offers support and guidance to parents on issues impacting their own lives and that of their child.  

Mrs Avery can help parents enhance skills and resolve problems to promote optimal child development.  She will work with parents and teachers to improve a child’s attendance and educational attainment.  

How can I help? 

Ideas  to improve your relationship with your child

Behaviour management strategies

Emotional support and advice

Home / school communication

Referral to other agencies

Advice on child development        

Support at school meetings

Practical solutions to problems