Staff at Ryefield

Senior Leadership Team
Name Role Class
Mr C Tucker Headteacher  
Mrs E Strong Deputy Headteacher  
Mr W Murray Assistant Headteacher (KS2)  
Miss J Woodbridge Assistant Headteacher (EYFS & KS1)  
Class Teacher
Mrs S McGee  EYF/S Phase leader and Nursery Teacher  
Miss Cullum  Class Teacher Topaz
Mrs H Simmons and Mrs A Drinkwater Reception Class Teacher Sapphire
Key Stage 1
Year 1
Miss S Newton Year 1 Class Teacher Amethyst
Mrs Toulou ear 1 Class Teacher Amber
Year 2
Miss J Woodbridge Assistant Head (EFYS & KS1) and Class Teacher Jade
Mrs S Reilly Year 2 Class Teacher Emerald
Key Stage 2
Year 3
Miss Casey Year 3 Class Teacher Brunel
Mrs G Metcalfe Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader and Class Teacher Darwin
Year 4
Mr White Year 4 Class Teacher Parks
Mr K Brill Year 4 Class Teacher Gandhi
Year 5    
Mrs J Mander Year 5 Class Teacher Faraday
Mrs E Thornhill Year 5 Class teacher Mandela
Year 6
Mrs J Dearing Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader and Year 6 Class Teacher Churchill
Mr W Murray Assistant Head (KS2) and Year 6 Class Teacher Curie
Additional teachers    
Mrs K Hope Support teacher  
Mrs C Hayward SENCO  
Office, Administration and Welfare
Mrs B Hughes School Operations Manager  
Miss D Perry Attendance Officer  
Mrs A Hill Admissions Officer  
Mrs C Clements Welfare and Safeguarding   
Mrs K Avery Family Support Adviser  
Ancillary Classroom Support
Ms A Sheppard Nursery Nurse  
Mrs K Avery HLTA  
Miss S Dobson TA  
Mrs J Peake-Stolberg TA  
Mrs C Khan TA  
Miss A Keely TA  
Mrs S Ryan TA  
Mrs J Perry TA  
Mrs S Simmonds TA  
Mrs M Lount Nursery Nurse  
Mrs S O'Donoghue Physical Activity School Sports  
Miss S Lansiquot TA: SEN Support  
Mr L Hughes  Site Manager  
Mrs A Alukaidey Cleaner  
Mr A Cherry Cleaner  
Mrs C Clements Cleaner  
Mr R Cherry Cleaner